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Asset Management Software for OREO, NPL, REO, BPOs, Inspections and more!
TAZA Systems Overview


Our products evolve from the personal relationships we have with our clients.  Our clients are our eyes and ears for the real estate industry.  Through collaboration, we inspire change and productivity within an organization

Our software products blend with each other for a seamless workflow, offering the real estate  asset management industry a suite of productivity tools.  The solutions scale the entire property chain and life cycle, including; bulk sales and purchase, real estate investment, asset management, broker evaluation, broker office management,  buyer offer management and marketing.

Our products are offered through an online portal that enables clients secure online access to their data. The online portals are fully compatible with Microsoft and Apple platforms.  Our products development and 24/7 support is local.  We do not outsource overseas and believe by doing so harms our country.  Every one of our clients goes through live webinar trainings and detailed implementation processes.  It is our commitment for you to succeed in the full utilization of the system within your office operation

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Offers Recieved Real Time
  • academicEmail Tracking and Audit Journaling
  • Mobile Photo & Inspection Apps for iPhone &  Droid
  • Dropbox and Fileshare Links, Robust Document Portal
  • Local Drive Mapping for Documents/Files
  • Online Dashboard Management and Analytics
  • Branded Marketing Site for your Portfolio
  • Offer Submission Management
  • Data Archiving and Backups
  • One System for your Brokerage or Franchise
  • Export and Import your Data
  • Live Support and Training 24/7

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  • Automated system for receiving and managing assignments from TAZAVOX
  • Customizable task templates per client with email notifications and color coded dashboards
  • Complete online document management system with dozens of cutting edge features
  • Full email tracking auto-capture and store all emails and attachments per property
  • Receive your offers online, including offer documents and forms
  • Auto-Reply to buyers and agents that have submitted offers with one click.
  • The ability to assign tasks and manage your vendors
  • Expense management will allow you to track, monitor and run reports on your financial standings
  • Manage REO, Short Sale, Bulk Tapes, Property Preservation, Retail and more

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For Testimonials, FAQ’s and More Details please view TAZAREO.COM.

TAZA Systems Advantages
  • Systems TchnologyAbility to track and assign assets using one infrastructure backbone
  • Share information between buyers, brokers, agents, asset companies and investors
  • Comprehensive Real-Time ROI reporting for asset managers and investors
  • Online Offers Automated including offer documents and forms
  • Investor real time access to their assets and performance reporting
  • Complete visibility into the brokers and agents documents, reports, emails and tasks
  • Offer and Counter offers are now passed effortlessly between asset manager and brokers
  • TAZA systems now offer a practical solution to a seamless communication platform

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TAZA Corporation
1020 Prospect St Suite 250
La Jolla, CA 92037

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