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TAZAVOX is cloud based asset management software system providing organizations a secure platform for asset management companies, investors, capital firms, hedge funds and financial institutions.  We provide custom reporting, broker assignment, vendor management, document management, expense management, non-performing loans modules, corporate procurement and more. 

TAZA Systems has a myriad of specialties and is constantly adding new modules and updates for niche real estate business models including OREO Asset Management Software for Special Assets, NPL’s, Rentals, Rehab Projects, Fix and Flip, Property Management, Property Valuation, Rental Management, Offer management, and BPO’s. Real estate investment software that fully integrates with the TAZA360 mobile applications for the Droid, iPhone, and tablets including the iPad. TAZA is partnered with Microsoft Azure Cloud, Rackspace and is SAS70 Compliant. There are XML, API, Web Services and import/export functionalities married with custom reporting. 

Contact us and we will be happy to show you the software or provide insight on how our products can be customized to fit with your specific business processes.

We are pleased to announce the new Mobile and PC friendly interface of TAZAVOX!!   Check out the video below to see the new version in action.




Video - Workflow & Task Dependency Examples & Setup



  • Real Estate Asset Management Custom Workflows
  • Asset Management System Task Dependencies for Rentals, NPLs, REOs, Retail Real Estate
  • Set Tasks for Vendors, Agents, Brokers, and Employees
  • Configure Task Dependencies Based on Task Results and Outcomes
  • Mass Assign Tasks Based on Milestones
  • Define your Milestones and Processes
  • Easy to Use Online Custom Task Configuration Engine for Real Estate Asset Management


Video - TAZAVOX Return on Investment Reporting
  • Roll Forward Reporting and Workflow Management
  • Margin Forecasting and Risk Assessment
  • Budget Forecasts and Variance Reporting
  • Return On Investment Analysis and Oversight
  • Income, Cooporate Procurement and Property Management
  • Your Clients and Investors can Login and access Real-Time Reports
  • OREO Book Values, Write Downs, Ledger, Expenses, Taxes, FDIC Audit Shield, Reporting

TAZA Offer Submission & Transparency
  • Eliminate Fraud, See Every Offer Submitted
  • Maximize Your Return On Investment
  • Buyers Agents and Investors Submit Offers Using Online Web Site
  • Simultaneous Emails with Offers to the Listing Agent and Asset Holders
  • Online Dashboard Management and Analytics
  • Branded Marketing Site for Your Portfolio
  • Live Support and Training 24/7


TAZA Document Management
  • Map a local drive to your office computer
  • FileShare Links to send unlimited files with a link
  • DropBox Links for your vendors to upload photos and bids
  • Faxing service online, send a fax from your pocket. No need to drive to the office
  • File Version History – Know what changed when
  • One Click PDF Photo Addendums
  • Files are archived and zipped for easy keeping for years to come


Evaluations, CMAs, BPOs, Inspections and Due-Diligence
  • Assign Evaluations in Bulk to Agents Nationwide
  • Margin Forecasting and Risk Assessment
  • Interactive Map of Your Evaluations and Agents
  • Assign to agents within a certain proximity and rating
  • Acquisition forecast modeling for margin and profit forecasting
  • You decide what and how to pay the agents
  • Cut out the middle man, don’t over pay for evaluations when you can order them yourself

Email-Tracking Fully Automated
  • Keep flawless records and history to protect yourself
  • Works with Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc….
  • Emails are stored and journaled with attachments
  • Emails are organized with each property
  • Instant access to every email sent about your properties
  • Properties are archived with all attachments and emails
  • Protect yourself and your clients by having Email-Tracking!


TAZA Task Templates & Workflow
  • Create custom workflow templates for REO, Retail, Short Sale and more
  • Tasks are triggered automatically, Email notifications, Color Coding
  • Mobile Task Interface for Field Personal and Vendors
  • Include File Dropbox Links in Task Configuration for file upload
  • Include Forms in Task Configuration
  • Enterprise role task configuration allows assignment hierarchy by department
  • Interactive Task Map to visually plan your day!


FREE Mobile App
  • Automatically resize photos to 640×480
  • Rename pictures to the description you enter on the fly
  • Time and date stamped
  • Built in agent inspection form
  • Business class services are available
  • Bank specific and generic inspection forms
TAZA General Navigation
  • Easy to navigate right click menus
  • Intuitive Executive Dashboards
  • Custom Reporting and Data Analytics
  • Use the Classic interface or the new EZ Dashboard
  • Color Coded Tasks and Accountability
  • Security Restrictions and Protection
  • 100% Cloud Online Software, experience true quality!


FREE Online Offer Submission & Marketing for Listing & Buyers Agents
  • Manage your offers online
  • Go paperless, better for the environment
  • Store all your offers in the cloud for easy access
  • Automatic Email notifications for open communication
  • Real time status updates
  • Free marketing My Portfolio link to add to your email signature
  • User friendly and FREE!


Transfer photos directly to your document folder!
  • Transfer dozens of photos to your server
  • Photos resized as you take the photos in the field
  • Photos compressed for faster uploads
  • Date and time stamps – optional
  • Photos renamed to the description
  • All photos are available to download at any time
  • Available for both the iPhone and the Droid


FREE Photo Addendum Tool
  • Create a photo addendum in less than 2 minutes
  • HUD approved
  • Fannie Mae Approved
  • Freddie Mac Approved
  • Use for other asset companies
  • Resizes the photos during upload
  • Add photo descriptions in one easy step
Live Chat
  • 100% Risk free and convenient for buyers to Chat
  • Increase sales and instant buyer leads!
  • Edge above your competition
  • Cuts down on expenses
  • Better first impression
  • Track conversations
  • Customer feedback and reporting


Video - Stop Syndication & Use SEO!
  • Third party sites sell your leads to other agents.
  • Here you get all your leads
  • Seach Engine Optimization
  • Preferred lender lead sharing
  • Market you listings BEFORE the MLS
  • Property Website – your logo, you photo, your company
  • Twitter and Facebook integration
  • Double end more of your listings


Double Your Income
  • Market your COMING SOON! properties and share them before any other realtors know about them
  • Ideal for short sale and REO agents
  • Start getting offers before your property is on the MLS
  • Build a waiting list of buyers
  • Schedule showings with potential buyers
  • Attract more leads though social media



TAZA Corporation
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