Property Evaluation (BPOs & Inspections)

Property Evaluation (BPOs & Inspections)

TAZA 360
TAZA 360 Overview

Asset Management Software for BPOs and Inspections

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TAZA-360TAZA360 is a BPO software management system that facilitates the evaluation of properties by brokers and agents on the TAZA network. TAZA lets you run the BPOs (Commercial BPO Form or Residential BPO Forms). Cut out the middle man. You pay the agents or use one of our certified partners to pay and interact with the agents. You are able to assign BPO requests for commercial BPOs or residential BPOs to agents in volume quantities and manage the complete process online.

Brokers and agents nationwide are able to login and use simple online forms or the iPhone/Droid apps to complete their evaluations. Use TAZA360 for Commercial and Residential Exterior or Interior BPOs, Inspections and CMA evaluations. Mass assignment is based on agent proximity and ratings with automated review workflow. Provide your clients a portal to log in and see the final evaluations. Stop using excel sheets or word docs and setup an online BPO software management system that is built for volume. We have commercial BPO forms available in addition to our residential BPO forms.

TAZA offers a complete API to push or pull photos and data real-time to any system!

Sample Evaluation Formats

BPO/CMA Samples:

1.)    Commercial BPO

2.)    Simple BPO

3.)    Detailed BPO

4.)    FNC Inc. BPO


Inspection Samples (Completed with the iPhone, Droid, PC or tablet):

1.)    Detailed Inspection

2.)    EZ Weekly Inspection

3.)    HUD Inspection

4.)    Investor Quick Inspection


Other formats available per request

TAZA 360 Main Advantages
  • Automate the assignment and review processes for thousands of BPOs and inspections using seasoned brokers and agents
  • iPhone and Droid apps allow real time data capture directly from the field
  • BPO report allows for branding of the company requesting the evaluation
  • Simple to use photo upload and management, including automatic photo resizing
  • BPO Management Software built for volume. Hundreds or thousands, no limits.
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Evaluations, CMA, BPO, & Inspections
  • Assign Evaluations in Bulk to Agents Nationwide
  • Margin Forecasting and Risk Assessment
  • Interactive Map of Your Evaluations and Agents
  • Assign to agents within a certain proximity and rating
  • Acquisition forecast modeling for margin and profit forecasting
  • You decide what and how to pay the agents
  • Cut out the middle man, don’t over pay for evaluations when you can order them yourself


FREE Mobile App
  • Automatically resize photos to 640×480
  • Rename pictures to the description you enter on the fly
  • Time and date stamped
  • Built in agent inspection form
  • Business class services are available
  • Bank specific and generic inspection forms
  • Available on Google Play and iTunes


Not all 6,000+ Droid devices are supported.  To test compatibility with your device, download the free version of TAZA360 from Google Play.



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