The process of improving the visibility of your website content in search engines.

seoimageSEO, Search Engine Optimization, is the process of improving the visibility of your website content in search engines such as Google and Yahoo (by Wikipedia). In the Real Estate world, this means improving the ability for new sellers, buyers and buyer’s agents to see your strong presence on the internet and to view the availability of your active and coming soon listings. The ultimate goal with Real Estate SEO in your industry is to be on the first page of Google in your area, with the added reward of picking up a new seller, double ending a listing or achieving a prosperous and quick sale. Stop syndicating Listings – Start getting the leads that your listings generate. Third party sites sell your leads to other agents or charge you for them. View sample site here:  –  Feature Comparison Chart

Leverage Your SEO

The following are content examples you can use to leverage your SEO:

  1. The full details of the property, such as neighborhood, price, physical attributes, and any special conditions
  2. The listing brokerage and agent information, such as name, phone, email, and other contact information
  3. Social networking activities around the listings or brokerage, such as Facebook and Twitter
  4. Recently updated information, such as new listings or price changes
  5. Stop syndicating your listings – You want to be on Google, you get the leads.
TAZA Sales & Marketing Tool

With the ability to broadcast your data and make it available to search engines, Real Estate SEO becomes one of your greatest marketing tools to reach organic buyers and sellers. Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo will be able to serve the most suitable content to interested buyers depending on how information is optimized for accessibility. The TAZA development team has automated your search engine optimization by completing our Q1 2012 SEO project deadline.

The 4 examples of content mentioned above are leveraged automatically within your TAZA property websites. Once you enter your property information in TAZAHOMES, we handle the packaging, delivery and optimization of your information to search engines. We also control what information is displayed to interested buyers and how to link them back directly to you.

To Syndicate or Not to Syndicate

Syndication in the Real Estate world for example, is when your MLS takes your information and sends it to other web sites.  Most of these sites syndicate your listings and charge you money for leads on your own properties. Is that right? It’s very simple here at TAZA when it comes to syndication – We Just Don’t Do It. Stop syndicating your listings. We believe that you, and only you, should reap the rewards of your efforts, and not another agent who pays for leads from syndicated information on sites such as Trulia and Zillow.

These sites make money selling your leads to other agents. So we recommend that you use SEO technologies to the fullest and stop any syndication of your information and properties. This is the Marketing strategy we have recommended to our brokers and agents – now for over 4 years. To help you execute this marketing strategy successfully, we do all the hard work on your behalf.   Stop syndicating your listings, start getting the leads your listings generate. Third party sites sell your leads to other agents or charge you for them!

What do I need to do to utilize SEO technology today?
  1. Provide us with as much data as possible for your properties, as early as possible
  2. Do not wait for the property to be listed on the MLS. You are able to add your properties under “Coming Soon” to begin marketing your properties – this is very important. The sooner we post your data using SEO the higher your page rankings. Google also recognizes the “original source” or the first page to publish content. The sooner you post the better for your rankings.
  3. Provide us with the standard information, such as square footage and location, but just as important, give us your sales pitch for each property – after all, you are trying to sell these properties.
  4. Give us all the details about you and your company, and don’t be shy to upload your logo and photo to help brand your agency and sell your products.
  5. Respond to buyer and seller inquiries using lead capture and live chat
  6. Stop syndicating your listings and start getting the leads your home listings generate. Third party sites give your leads to other agents or charge you for them!
  7. Do not tell other agents about the TAZA advantage. We want to keep this Real Estate SEO limited to the best agents. Please only recommend agents and brokers who have set higher standards for themselves and expect the same service from others.
Anything extra I can do to help?

Yes, and it’s very simple. Invite your preferred lender and connect them to your properties. They will add tremendous SEO links and information around your properties, which means more accessibility to your properties by organic buyers and sellers.

Ok, that’s all great, but how much is it?

It’s all free, including your branded property website and all of the properties’ marketing websites. We get more inquiries asking us to confirm that our services on TAZAHOMES are free than any other types of inquiries.

What is some of the technical stuff in our

Dynamic Meta Data Optimization, Canonicalization Error Check, Content Optimization, Alt Tag Optimization, Heading Tag Optimization, Title Tag Optimization, Anchor Text Optimization, Content Key Word Optimization, Local Search Engine Submission, Search Engine Submission, Directory Submission, Article Submission, Social Network Submission, Microsoft Azure SQL Dynamic Database SEO Optimization, Reporting, Additional Links. Other tools not disclosed – patents pending.


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